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Theme Luminary for Odoo Ecommerce



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Theme Luminary 

Luminary Odoo theme is focused on grocery market, providing the Grocery owners a powerful way to get started with their online campaign. With the digitization revolution still going on, it is the right time to start with Luminary theme. Luminary theme is crafted to perfection with the use of modern web technologies and is also customizable to the core. With Odoo v9.0 support, new modules can be added to improve the functionality of the theme.

With crafted care and quality standards, the homepage is where it all starts. It is sleek, to the points and grabs user attention. The fresh looks to ensure that the visitor feels right and can enjoy the alternative to real grocery shopping. Other key features of Luminary theme is a responsive layout, powerful admin panel, megamenu, customizable colors, etc. The homepage customization is yet another important aspect. It is completely customizable thanks to the "drag and drop" feature our engineers included. Product pages are designed for maximum click throughs and higher profits.

Responsive & Retina Ready

A beautiful website should stay beautiful on all devices, let it be computer, tablet or phone.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Multi Layout & Multi Color

A beautiful website should stay beautiful on all devices, let it be computer, tablet or phone.

Multi Language & Currency

Speak the language your user wants.

Note :- Currency Switching is not available in ODOO Version8 Theme

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Awesome Icon Fonts

Beautiful Font Awesome Icon Fonts.

Fully and Easy Customizable

First of it's kind, Design your e-commerce store with just drag and drops and no coding required at all.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Mega Menu

Design an attractive menu with all possible design elements like images, banners, videos and not just only text.

Product Carousel

Fully configurable products carousel to display products dynamically.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Product Mini Carousel

Make easy to navigate tabs displaying various type of products like new arrivals, on sale, etc.

Collapsable Categories

Give your users easy and layered navigation with collapsable categories.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Customizable Footer

Customize your website footer the way you want, add any design component that you wish.

Category Banner

Treat your user with great user experience, create a unique banner for each of your product category.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Product Brands

>Show the brands that you offer, let your visitors see and filter products by.

Product Sorting

Let your website visitor sort products by price, name and relevance. On just a click.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Product Price Slider

Let your website visitor sort products by price On just a click.

Product Tags

Create and apply custom tags to product and let your website visitor search products by tag.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo text and image block

Product Multi Image

Display multiple images for the product, let your website visitor see all the sides / aspects of products.

Product Zoom

Don't let your website visitor miss a smallest detail of the product, product zoom helps them see every detail of product from it's image.

Odoo image and text block
Odoo image and text block

Google Maps

Embed Google Maps in your website. A great way to display your business location.

Complete Features & Modules


  • Fully Responsive

  • Fully Drag and Drop Based Design

  • 40 Building Blocks

  • 8 Color Combinations

  • 8 Fonts

  • Multi Language Support

  • Multi Currency Support

  • Additional Mid Menu on Top

  • Fully Customizable Mega Menu

  • Product Features

  • Multiple Carousels

  • Product Sorting

  • Category Banner

  • Product Multi Image

  • Product Zoom

  • Product Tags

  • Product Brands

  • Blog

  • Testimonial

  • Social Icons

  • Support & Update

Special Features

  • Minimalist & Responsive design

  • Fully Customizable Design

  • Special Modules For Product Features

  • Filter Products by Features

  • Search Logging and Analytics


  • Minimalist & Responsive design

  • Flexible Colors

  • Flexible Header Colors

  • Flexible Footer Colors


  • Boxed and Fullwidth Layout to Select From

  • Bootstrap grid system utilizes 12 columns


  • Fully Design Your Way Page Structure

  • Integrated Search

  • Full Width Slideshow

  • Banner Blocks

  • Product Carousel

  • Blog Integrated

  • Social Follow Buttons


  • Simple & Wide Menu

  • Multi-column mega menu

  • Multiple custom content blocks

  • Custom links in main menu

  • Sticky Menu

  • Custom colors, styles, and backgrounds.

Category page

  • Collapsible Accordion for Categories

  • Additional Top and Bottom Blocks

  • Fully Customizable Category Banner

  • Filter by Attributes

  • Add to Cart

  • Filter By Tags

  • Filter By Features

  • Filter By Price

  • Sort By Price / Arrival / Name


  • Support For Multiple Product Images

  • Product Zoom

  • Product Tabs

  • Product Review

  • Social Share product

  • Product Variant Selection

  • Tabbed Product Info

  • Additional Side Blocks


  • Color Pattern Customizer

  • Product Features

  • Product Wishlist

  • Product Sorting

  • Product Carousel

  • Product Price Filter

  • Product Tags

  • Product Multi Image

  • Product Image Zoom

  • Product Category Banner

  • Product Category Carousel

  • Product Brand Carousel

  • Product Recently Viewed Products Carousel

  • Blog Carousel

  • Mega Menu

  • Mid Header

  • Language Switcher


  1. What is included in the theme ?

    1. All the modules mentioned above along with module for theme is included in the theme. However images and data shown in the demo is NOT INCLUDED in the theme.

  1. Is PSD file provided along with Theme ?

    1. No, PSD files or any other source graphics files are not provided along with theme.

  1. What is the support policy for the theme ?

    1. 3 Months support for the theme is included only for and on modules and theme included.

  1. Is it possible to further customize the theme ?

    1. You can fully customize the theme for your requirement, the way you want.

  1. Can I distribute, re-distribute, re-release the theme or any of it’s modules ?

    1. No.

  1. Do we provide additional support if required ?

    1. Yes,We can always provide additional support and services.

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