Why Us

To survive the crushing competition of today, you have to do more than just be a good company. You need to have solutions that are technically and functionally sound and working. At 73Lines, we understand this and thus work in a way that puts you in a good shape. We do not hope for success, we hunt it down. We improve and improvise every single day. We are always looking for opportunities to learn and do not shy away from trying newer and modern frameworks which change the way you implement and perceive technology. We want to be a part of your success and that can only come if we deliver out of the box solutions. 

We also have an excellent research and development team that undertakes all possible measures of evaluating and putting into force frameworks and practices to increase the returns on investments done by the clients and the stakeholders. The R&D team is also responsible for adding flexibility to the existing infrastructure at 73Lines and making things sweeter for clients as well as developers.

Our designs are known for scalability, innovation and being robust in nature to stand the tests of time and technical developments. We love what we do and this makes us stronger and better than our competitors. We started with the aim of providing top quality solution and we are glad we are able to deliver what we promise.


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Our Areas of Expertise

creative & expert

Cloud Integration & IT Consulting

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration is the future as it gives the necessary flexibility for business to expand their business. We provide both on-premises or business-to-business and Cloud-to-Cloud integration. Our expertise makes sure that the integration looks simple.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting is one of our fortes. We understand the dynamics of the web and forecast the future with our business analytics tools. The tools are handled by industry experts and the end result is an creating model that works across different domains. Our consulting takes all the possible angles and come up with the best solution in no time.
Enterprise Mobility & Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility can express the business philosophy in the right way. Our main motive is to keep up with the new set of requirements and build processes that work towards accelerating growth and profit.

Enterprise Solutions

Creating solutions that work out of the box is a story that everyone will tell you. We work differently and first understand the workflow and different processes of the business and then analyze it to create a state of the art Enterprise solutions. We understand both business and the technology and create a hybrid solution that aims to break the last barrier.

Credentials of 73lines

creative & expert


creative & expert


Research and Planning

First, we gather insights so that we can better understand what your company is


Design and Development

The second part of the process is putting our designers and developers in one


Test and Iterate

Improve today, repeat tomorrow. We can get great results with one process, but