Responsive Website Development

Google recently announced on how the responsive website design will impact the rankings of the website. Well, that's just one reason why you should choose responsive website design for your website. Another big reason is to transcend to the new technologies and make your website portable and accessible on different screen resolution

If your business is only running a website only version, you are losing a lot in terms of the audience and improve on the idea of creating the most impressive user experience on mobile devices or any device with varying resolution. So, are you ready to transform you web presence? Let's begin our journey.

Responsive Web Design Services with 73Lines

Google controls the web with their search engine, new changes keep coming in their algorithm and the newest change is the introduction of the responsive design as a ranking factor. This makes responsive web design a must for the online website.

Also, it is necessary for the business to keep up with the competition and offer their users a completely responsive website design with better user experience. The main playing factor is the different resolutions and we understand how the screen size and the elements are laid out. To keep the "look" and "feel" of the website, we build a responsive website that adheres with the industry standards.

To start our project, we summarize all the necessary points and hand over the details to our digital strategist and designers, who take care of the different elements -- small or big and incorporate them accordingly to the screen resolution. We also take care of the psychology of colors, different ways people use the screens and how likely they are going to transform into the lead, creating one masterpiece for your business.

What we Offer At 73Lines

  1. We are proficient at HTML5, CSS3, XML and any related technology to responsive web design.
  2. Our team of multi-media experts, web designers, graphic, adaptive designs are the key to our success and their technical expertise transforms to the beautiful outcomes.
  3. We also offer customized content for a different browser.
  4. We use robust methods to create a responsive design and makes sure that it works with all the browsers.
  5. JavaScript is used to give life to the content of the website.
  6. We also offer digital strategies that go in the long-term improvement plan. In the plan, we offer improvements to the design and the content of the website.
  7. Navigation is given top-priority.

Why hire 73Lines?

Creating completely responsive web design in a methodological way is what makes us unique. We use latest technologies and set our priority for the long-term success of the project. Our projects use the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and others. All combined, we create the most impressive user experience on portable devices. We also make sure that page load speed are maintained for better search engine rankings.

Our developers and designers really make every project shine through the different prism of the web.