When we talk about data, the first thing that comes in mind is stability, security, and no data loss. Currently, there are tons of data processing technology that helps us to create data driven websites or apps. PostgreSQL is an open source data manipulation language used at 73Lines.

The idea of creating our applications using the most secure database has always been on our mind and that's why we choose PostgreSQL. Other than PostgreSQL, we use MySQL whenever necessary. There is no limitation on the choice of the technology being used. This is for incorporating any client's request

PostgreSQL and 73Lines

PostgreSQL is our favorite database querying language because of the fact that it is open source and that's why there is no licensing terms related with it. This means that we will be able to create an application without any licensing cost and don't have to delay our project. Our main projects are made in PostgreSQL as it supports data portability with no redundancy of any kind.

PostgreSQL is one of the best database query languages and we use it to query our data or store new data into the database. Also, using tables are much better for large database application as it offers better control over different aspects of the application. The Non-SQL solution has bad performance in large data queering and creation and that's why we use SQL related databases.

The compatibility with 3rd party applications

Odoo, Django, Flask and other frameworks and platforms are compatible with PostgreSQL and that provide the much-needed advantage for our development team. With enough experience, we can work with PostgreSQL with confidence. We always use the best practices in database querying and storing data.

With the right use of the PostgreSQL features, we can easily leverage our applications and also do better 3rd party integration and migration.

At 73Lines, we love PostgreSQL because of its features and open source license. The freedom is welcome by our team and our client also loves the database technology as much as we do.

For more queries regarding our database solution usage, send us questions through our contact us page. We will be more than glad to answer your question and solve your problem.