Odoo Theme Development

Odoo is a world-class business suite that provides all the functionalities any organization need to survive in the competitive world. A centralized approach that offers stability, security and growth. If you are an active use of Odoo, you know how amazing it is in terms of functionalities.

With the Odoo V10.0 release, the business suite now comes with a complete ERP solution as well as a CMS that enables the organization to create websites that are functional and completely SEO friendly.

But, it has a missing link, great looking themes that are the cornerstone of the a great website. At 73Lines, we create excellent Odoo themes that showcase the philosophy of the organization behind those themes.

Theming has always been in the blood of 73Lines. We produce excellent themes for different platforms and Odoo is just one of them. Our main philosophy is to create an excellent design that suppresses the mediocrity in the market.

Odoo Theme Development With 73Lines

73Lines is no stranger. We offer excellent services over Odoo and Odoo Theme Development is just one of them. What makes us more likable is how we structure and plan our work and execute it to gain excellent results.

Themes are the door step for the audience. They build credibility and trust and should not be ignored. Odoo is a complex platform and we have experts that understand both Odoo platform and web designing.

With the right mix of talent, we create appealing Odoo themes that bring the great user experience. We offer the following with Odoo theme development.

  1. Completely responsive and SEO enabled themes.
  2. All the themes created adhere to latest industry standards.
  3. We use frameworks whenever necessary. This keeps our work as modular and clean as possible.
  4. Wireframes are created and shared with client for better understanding. The end result?A great design that sticks to the client's requirement.
  5. Odoo themes created by 73Lines integrate easily and have no bloat.

Why you should Choose 73Lines for Odoo Theme Development?

Odoo is being actively developed. To keep up with the changes, our team understand and learns anything new that is taking place in the Odoo world. By understanding the current standards, we create themes that work out of the box.

Our support team also makes sure that the theme installation is done right. Also, we don't leave the project as-is after its completion. Our team beleive in improvement and hence we always keep our work updated with fixes and improvement.

We are leaders of Odoo and that's why we invite you to work with us. Open your business door with the right theme.