Odoo Theme Design

Odoo Theme Design

Odoo is one of the leading business suite(ERP Solution) in the world. It has seen many transitions in the past, including the release of Odoo V8.0, which introduced more functionality into the system and elevating it to a complete business suite.

One of the features included is a complete CMS solution for the business. Now, business can create complete websites with SEO capabilities, all with the help of Odoo.

Odoo theme Design is a new facet of the web world. There is a handful of teams that specialize in Odoo theme design. Odoo being a complete business suite enables businesses to take care of all the different aspects.

With 73Lines, you can further customize your Odoo dreams as possess a rare skill of developing high-quality custom Odoo theme design. The theme plays an important role in presenting the image of the business and hence should be created with care.

We understand Odoo and can deliver extremely flexible and responsive Odoo themes that reflect the current web development standards.

Creative Outlook with 73Lines

73Lines understands and Odoo and excels at it from both inwards and outwards. We develop innovative and impressive Odoo Theme design that reflects the philosophy of the business. Our solution have high technical value and they are functionally adapt to take care of any media you can throw at it. With a fresh perspective and our experience, you will get the best theme you have ever imagined. We also offer tons of other services and features with Odoo theme design. They are as below.

  1. Customization with no limits -- Homepage is our playground and we offer designs that are unique and implement them accordingly with links/pages.
  2. Content Strategy is what we excel at -- our design strategy reflects content placement as well. With the right approach, we can improve on the idea of online presence.
  3. Provide the necessary graphic content required by the website -- we also amplify the website with enough features that it can be used by anyone within  the organization. We also provide tagged posts and other in-depth customization.
Odoo Designs at 73Lines

Odoo is a powerful 21st century ERP solution and to make design work with, we always approach it systematically -- Our lead designers and developers make sure that each theme is customized according to requirement and create a competitive edge for your business in no time.

  1. Our team installs theme design. It is an easy process.
  2. The themes developed by 73Lines are completely customizable including templates.
  3. Spam proof themes
  4. Backups and upgrades are done automatically.
  5. We make sure that no spelling mistakes ever make it to the website
  6. Provide a categorical approach to blog posts/articles.
  7. Customization is complimented with plugin-in architecture.
Why should You Choose 73Lines?

73Lines understands web standards and also improves on the different aspects of the Odoo services. Check them out below:

  1. All our themes are W3C validated.
  2. Themes include multi-column WP themes and dynamic sidebars.
  3. Admin panel for complete customization including content change etc.
  4. Contact Forms are integrated for better visibility to visitors
  5. Multi-layout themes developed
  6. Layouts come with tubular formations.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to create your next big web design with us? Then, come and contact us through the contact form.