Odoo ERP Development Services

73Lines Odoo Development – Because Every Business is Unique

Unlock Efficiency, Scale Up Easily, And Drive Business Growth with Odoo Development That Equips Your Organisation with An ERP That Is Tailored To Your Requirements.

  • Flexible Development Approach

    Our flexible development processes are uniquely geared to accommodate your complex and custom needs expertly.

  • World-Class Expertise

    Our high-performance team of domain experts, highly skilled developers, and project managers deliver excellence at every step of Odoo development.

  • Powerful Yet Simple

    With our help, discover the raw power of the best-in-class ERP solution that is effortless to use and offers a steep learning curve despite the rich features.

Odoo Implementation

Our expert Odoo implementation ensures that your organisation is not only capable of tackling today’s business challenges effortlessly but is also equipped to face those of the future effectively.

  • Requirement Analysis

    We start by getting a deep understanding of your present business needs and the needs of tomorrow. The objective is to make your Odoo implementation flexible enough to meet your fast-growing needs with ease.

  • Smart Deployment

    Highly skilled and experienced talent deploys Odoo ERP efficiently without disrupting your business. Smooth data migration and easy configuration make sure that your employees can take advantage of Odoo’s revolutionary features right away.

Odoo Implementation
Odoo Customization

Odoo Customization

Armed with the insights of your organisation’s business processes, we customise your Odoo ERP to integrate seamlessly into your workflows.

  • Gap Analysis

    Our Odoo experts identify the gaps that exist between the standard Odoo implementation and your organisation’s workflows. Then they establish the custom solutions that’ll eliminate these gaps.

  • Solution Implementation

    Count on 73Lines to deliver superior Odoo customisations that will tailor the world’s most popular ERP solution to your specific business workflows and requirements.

Odoo Development

73Lines offers the full breadth of Odoo development services, including continuous optimisation of the platform, to give your organisation enhanced capabilities and features.

  • Industry-Specific Development

    We have a proven track record of developing Odoo ERP solutions for clients from a vast variety of industries. Our cross-industry experience allows us to develop Odoo solutions that are guaranteed to give you a competitive edge in your industry.

  • Module Development

    Unleash Odoo ERP’s hidden potential for your organisation with our custom module development services that bring you enriched experience, advanced capabilities, and dramatic improvements in performance.

Odoo Development


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Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

Equip your organisation with enhanced features and third-party services to create an ERP solution that is seamlessly integrated with your suppliers, vendors, customers, and other parties.

  • Capability Enhancement

    Seasoned in-house experts integrate third-party modules to empower your business processes, such as analytics tools, email management tools, and more.

  • Business Integration

    Handle multiple aspects of your business, including Shopify order management, logistics providers management, POS, multi-channel customer communications (including live chat), and more, by integrating third-party service modules directly with your Odoo.

Odoo Consulting

As a renowned and respected name in Odoo development, 73Lines offers highly reliable, end-to-end Odoo consulting services to guide you through different stages of implementation, customisation, issue resolution, and more, by sharing our experience and our insights all along.

  • Smarter Decision-Making

    We bring vast industry experience and in-depth understanding of Odoo ERP and its ecosystem to help your organisation make better technological decisions and technical choices to ensure flawless ERP setup and utilisation.

  • Support Your IT

    Our world-class team of Odoo ERP experts will complement your IT department to guide them, train them, consult them, and support them to fully equip them with the knowledge, understanding, and resources they need to manage your Odoo ERP.

Odoo Consulting
Odoo Training

Odoo Training

73Lines helps you minimise disruption to your business by smoothly transitioning your entire workforce to Odoo ERP.

  • Prevent Resistance

    Organisational changes trigger internal resistance. Don’t let it slow down or disrupt your Odoo adoption. Allay apprehensions and eliminate fears among the workforce by getting them well-acquainted with the new platform.

  • Drive Productivity

    Our comprehensive and easy-to-understanding training modules are designed to give your workforce’s Odoo adoption a steep learning curve so that they can continue to be at their productive best in no time at all.

Odoo Migration

ERP migrations – be it software level upgrades or hardware infrastructure migration – always come with numerous technical challenges, including unforeseen complications. With 73Lines, you can expect a smooth, flawless, and uneventful migration.

  • Odoo ERP Migration

    73Lines thoroughly examines your current system and identifies the performance issues and bottlenecks in it. We’ll then migrate your system to latest Odoo ERP solution, whether you are using previous Odoo versions or other ERP software, with zero disruption to your operations.

  • Data Cleaning and Preservation

    Our Odoo wizards will extract the data from your current system, clean the data, map it to new data fields, and thoroughly examine and fix potential errors in the migrated data.

Odoo Migration
Odoo Support

Odoo Support

73Lines offers best-in-class Odoo support services at affordable prices. Our flexible and multi-level support services offer customised support solutions, including SLAs, to deliver your workforce a bug-free Odoo ERP experience.

  • Fast and Reliable Support

    73Lines offers standing teams of dedicated skilled professionals who will spring into action as soon as you face a technical issue. Their unrelenting attitude and passion for Odoo development ensure that your issues are resolved on priority.

  • Allied Support

    By employing a broad range of approaches to support services, including bug fixing, guiding, documenting, remote training, and clean coding, we empower your IT department to support your Odoo ERP with minimum external assistance.


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