Odoo POS Development

Odoo Point of Sale Development is in high demand and why shouldn't it be? Creating a custom solution have lots of advantages and there are some scenarios where custom creation is a must.

At 73Lines, we create custom POS Extension development which take care of all the different aspects of POS functionality. Want to add new features? Then, you have come to the right place as 73Lines understand the point of sale software and how it integrates into an organization. The importance of POS solution cannot be denied.

Odoo comes with a built-in Point of sale solution, but it is not complete in any sense. Want to modify the hardware or want to create a new section for accessing information in your POS solution? We got it all covered.


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Odoo PoS Extension Development

Odoo PoS is way products are connected to the system. The information is stored within the database and can easily be accessed during check-in and checkout. The point of sale is a human interaction done right. It is the first step anyone takes when selling items to the customers.

But, not organizations have similar requirements and that's why Odoo PoS extension development become inevitable.

With 73Lines, you get a host of services related to PoS extension development. They are as follows:

Odoo POS Development
  • We use latest programming languages to create extension. The languages include Python, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, Qweb and Linux.

  • To make sure that everything work out of the box, we follow a structured approach which is traceable and intractable at the same time.

  • Extensive tools and techniques are used to develop the extensions.

  • We also integrate internalization module for easy support for different languages.

Why Choose 73Lines for Odoo PoS Extension Development

Creating a fully features PoS is the cornerstone of any successful business. With the right extension, workers productivity is increased and overall profit is increased. Also, the idea of creating a fully features PoS extension can help business to accustom their system according to the market changes.

At 73Lines, we understand market dynamics and offers new suggestions as the project rolls out. We also offer new features and functions that resemble with the idea of the current industry requirement.

Our code is well layed out and is free from bugs. We also offer few iterations after the first delivery to improve system's integrity and performance. Odoo modularity helps us to achieve high functional extensions, enabling you to steer your business in the right direction.

Odoo POS Development