Odoo Module Development

Odoo(also known as OpenERP) is one of the leading ERP solutions for business. It is open source and provides a complete business suite for the organization, solving their Enterprise problems and integrating all the important processes within one single process. The centralized approach helps the business grow beyond the limits.

With Odoo, organizations can easily customize the ERP solution. It can be either done through internal customization option or through the Odoo module development.

Odoo utilizes a module based architecture, i.e., you can plug and play different features and functionalities without hampering the other parts of the system. With minimal dependency of modules on each other, module development is one of the easiest ways to customize or upgrade the functionality of the ERP solution.

How 73Lines Make It Work

  1. Step- 1: Understanding Business Needs
  2. The first step is to understand the accurate business needs. Without understanding the business needs, there is no way we can build the perfect solution for the business. The sector in which the business is currently working, the number of customers it is handling per day, and other vital stats are taken into account before proceeding.

  3. Step -2: Planning
  4. The next step is to confirm the business needs and move to the 2nd step of module development. In this step, we try to figure out a rough plan and start working on it. We always keep business needs our top priority while taking decisions.

  5. Step -3: Development Phase
  6. With the basic business needs and planning done, our next step is to move towards the development phase. The idea of creating the module is to serve business the right way and the development are done according to the industry standards.

  7. Step -4: Testing
  8. We test the module with all possible test cases. Our test team makes sure that no bugs pass through to the final module.

  9. Step- 5: Implementation and Integration
  10. The final step is the implementation phase. In this phase, the module is successfully integrated into the system.

Why choose 73Lines for Odoo Module Development?

73Lines is the hub of leading Odoo developers. We know and care about Odoo and its performance. The following list will help you get the answer.

  1.  We do thorough testing of the module before release
  2. Maintenance is done on regular basis
  3. Future support is done regularly
  4. Modules are written in high-quality code

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