Odoo E-Commerce Theme Design

Odoo E-Commerce Theme Design

Aiming for creating an Ecommerce website using Odoo? If you do, you have chosen the right platform to do so. Odoo is constantly improved and worked upon, and with the recent release, they have added the eCommerce website creation module, which work with a simple installer and drag and drop builder.

But, it is limited in the form of theme design. To make sure that clients get the best out of the Odoo eCommerce website, we offer the best Odoo  E commerce  theme development. Our Odoo  E commerce  theme design services are of high standards and you will get the best design for your business.  

Why Choose 73Lines For Odoo Ecommerce theme development and design?

73Lines is the hub of excellent web designers and web developers who are also well versed in Odoo platform. Their combined knowledge of the Odoo and web development skills, enable them to create high-quality Odoo eCommerce themes and theme design.

We are also focused on creating 100% responsive themes that run on any device resolution. We also provide great typography to the themes. Our team also takes care of the documentation of the theme and also provide you a  walk through  to install the website and use it optimally.  
Odoo eCommerce theme features we deliver

73Lines understands web standards and also improves on the different aspects of the Odoo services. Check them out below:

  1. 100 % quality controlled : Quality of the theme is an important part of our design process. Our designers use the industry standards to develop the themes and the end result is a high quality theme.
  2. SEO friendly design: Search Engine Optimization is the key for online success. All our themes are SEO friendly and come with the necessary element to rank well in search engine.  
  3. Responsive Layout: Responsive Layout makes sure that the themes render equally well on different display sizes.  
  4. Cross browser compatible: Our themes are cross-browser compatible. They work with all the latest browsers including, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others.  
  5. Custom static blocks: Custom static blocks are used to offer customizability to the theme.  
  6. Product Overview: Product Overview offers a sleek way to help visitors see the product description and other key information.

  7. Translation ready: The theme comes translation ready, which means you can target any demographic part of the world.

  8. Color theme changeable: Customization is imbued within the theme. You can change color and do much more.