Odoo E-Commerce Implementation

If you are just starting out with Ecommerce and looking at Odoo E-Commerce Implementation for a solution, we have good news. The recent release of the popular CMS comes with a module to create and implement a fully functional ecommerce solution that is ready to sell your products at rocket speed. Although the base version does not provide much comfort and flexibility but with some tweaks and frills, your Odoo ecommerce platform can turn into a giant website in no time.

At 73Lines, we have mastered the art of playing with different modules of Odoo. Over the years we have created a strong team that is ready to take any challenge within the Odoo space and totally nail it! If you are not sure where to start and how to go about Odoo E-Commerce Implementation, we can help.


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What do we do?

We provide an end-to-end design and development of Odoo ecommerce module. We help you get started with the module, modify it as per your requirement, design the process, handle the headache and finally deliver a quality product which works as per your requirement.

  • 100% Quality Product

    We maintain high quality standards in our practices and therefore we are able to deliver top-quality products at a minimum cost.

  • Integrating with the rest of the CRM

    We have been working on Odoo from years now. We have the right tools and expertise in various Odoo modules. This has helped us to secure several deals and repeat clients in the past. Working on the ecommerce module is a little different and integrating it with other modules is nothing less than an art. Not bragging, but we excel at Odoo E-Commerce Implementation.

  • Pool of Knowledge

    We have a talented and experienced pool of designers and developers who give their mind and heart to what they do. We are a committed team that loves its work.

  • Standardized Process

    At 73Lines, we have a process that we follow to undertake and succeed at any implementation project. We have developed this process through our experience and expertise and it has always helped us to deliver the code and files on time, without fail.

How do we do it?

Your project is as valuable to us as it is to you. We focus on understanding your requirements, putting them on paper, doing a feasibility study of it, several rounds of discussions with you to finalize the process and flow and finally passing it to the magnificent development team of 73Lines to build it, test it and deliver it.


Research and Planning

We start by understanding your business requirements and what exactly you need and what we can deliver


Design and Development

Next, we create solutions and designs aimed at simplifying your needs and solving your business problems


Test and Iterate

Once ready, we replicate the solution in every possible way to smoothen the overall business process