Odoo E-Commerce Integration

Odoo E-Commerce Integration

The online world is full of opportunities and that's why having the ability to run an eCommerce solution can really enhance your online presence. The big organization has ERP installed in their process. The Odoo(formerly known as OpenERP) is one of the most widely used business suite which simplifies and centralizes different business process.

To make the whole setup work, eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and others are used. But, the real challenge is to connect the existing platform with the eCommerce solution.

At 73Lines, we understand the importance of having a working platform that can easily integrate with your existing ERP solution. We provide integration for different platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce and others.

Odoo E-Commerce Integration with 73Lines

The ability to configure and use multiple eCommerce solutions under one hood is possible with Odoo. At 73Lines, we understand how important it is for the organization to have a centralized control and real-time data synchronization around the whole platform.

We also create integration in such a way that all the payment gateways work by default. We also take security an important parameter while integrating eCommerce solution to Odoo(formerly known as OpenERP).

The integration is done according to the requirements of the clients and we also address important issues that arise during the integration. Data integrity is maintained at the highest level and our solution is hosted on the cloud so that you get highly scalable, secure, real-time solution for your business.

Services offered by 73Lines

73Lines offers great Odoo E-Commerce Integration. To make it a success, we offer the following sub-services that resonate with the main goal.

  1. Importing and Exporting of Product categories and product information.
  2.  Customer data is imported without any loss.
  3. Export information according to the E-Commerce platform being used.
  4.  Importing manual sale order
  5.  Real Time order support and update.
  6.  Create dedicated solution for securing the integration and eCommerce websites.
  7.  Multiple websites supported
  8.  Both manual and automatic import/export facility available.
  9.  Real time data sync for a better work environment

Our main aim is to provide organizations a fully functional integration that works from the cloud. It is secure and can be used with confidence. Moreover, employees can work with real-time data and offers a great solution with the help of tools and techniques used by our experts.

Our experts are also specialized in understanding the market and offering you advice and guidelines to work with. So, why the wait? Come and submit your project.