Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP is one of the leading ERP solutions right now. With the release of the Odoo V8.0, it has further improved and is now a complete business suite. It is open source is nature and uses three basic technology as its primary tool. They are python, XML, and JavaScript.

With the right use of the Odoo, organizations can focus on the centralized approach to problem-solving. At 73Lines, Odoo is one of the core technologies and we love developing stuff for the platform. By stuff, we mean custom development, integration, end-to-end implementation and much more.

The framework has tons of attributes attached to it. For example, it offers 30 core modules and have a community of hundreds of developers across the world. 73Lines also supports open source and that's why have contributed to the core of the Odoo platform in the past

Odoo Technology and 73Lines

73Lines is a subsidiary company of TechReceptives and that's why we are more inclined to give our best services to the Odoo platform. TechReceptives is an Odoo service provider company and offers everything related to Odoo.

All the business grows and there comes a time when it is necessary to implement ERP solution for their business. The idea is to provide a centralized control panel and automate all the processes. This improves the productivity of the employees and also improves their workflow, improving the overall profit in a time-sensitive settings.

Services offered over Odoo technology
We offer a complete end-to-end implementation of Odoo platform in your business organization. The complete end-to-end implementation consists of configuring, customizing and maintenance of the Odoo platform being implemented.

  •  We integrate different eCommerce solution to the core of Odoo. Now, you can control your online presence directly from Odoo.
  •  Data migration and migration from the old system to Odoo platform.
  •  Customized solution for available for the organization. We also develop customized module to meet client's request and requirements.
  •  Maintenance is provided for a long tenure.
  •  24/7 service available. We make sure that you business doesn't go down for a single minute.
  •   We also develop templates for Odoo platform. Web sites can now be hosted using Odoo platform.
  •   Develop custom modules for your organization needs.

With tons of service related to Odoo available at 73Limes, you don't have to go to any other organization. We have high client retention rate and that's why we believe in ourself and our abilities.

Come join us and leverage Odoo technology through our well-informed, knowledgeable and skilled Odoo developers.