With so many database technologies out there, it is always a great idea to use more than one database technology. At 73Lines, we love PostgreSQL, but MySQL also stands strong in our forte. The idea of securing your data is important for business. The diversity in the project requirement cannot be denied and that's why we also use MySQL.

MySQL was first introduced 20 years ago and it has evolved a lot until now. Currently, the stable release of the version is 5.2.6 and with every new release, the database technology gets updated with features and gets more secure and table.

The database uses Relational database management system and that's why it is great for organizations to use it for their larger projects. It offers basic CRUD operations and the necessary stability to run a real-time web application.

MySQL and 73Lines

The database is an integral part of any application. It doesn't matter what technology you use until it offers the basic requirements for developing a secure, stable and data redundancy-free application.

MySQL is one of those technologies that we adore and love. It has been part of our technology stack for years and one of the main reasons we have chosen MySQL is its open source nature. Open source means that we can use the technology without any licensing terms and that's why we are more focused on creating applications/websites and not on paying license terms to organizations for using their technology.

Where does MySQL is used?

MySQL is a diverse database technology, which means we can actually use it for diversified workflow. Our python applications use MySQL. It is production ready and can easily be scaled accordingly.

Moreover, it is used in creating websites, desktop apps, web apps, real-time data driven apps and much more.
At 73Lines, MySQL is used with different frameworks such as Flask, Django, Odoo, Java frameworks and much more.

MySQL is also popular for being the part of the LAMP stack(Linux Apache MySQL and Python) and that make it extremely popular in the community.

Our team is specialized in working with MySQL. They use the features to make the application more secure with no data loss at all.
MySQL is also used by giants such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.

Do, you want to know more about MySQL and how do we use it? Contact us for more information regarding the same.