Flask, a microframework for web development is now picking up the pace. The reason behind is surprising popularity is its minimalistic approach and it does not assume that web developers require a set of tools or techniques to create web applications or website.

The crux of the Flask framework is the fact that the idea is to keep according to use. This removes bloat and further improves the performance of the application or website in development. With all the major functionality available from the 3rd party applications, it builds up to a powerful entity.

At 73Lines, we love Flask because of its micro-framework design. Some projects are time critical and there is no place for bloat. Also, there are projects which cannot be made fit with a certain framework. The choice of functionalities becomes important and that's why we love Flask framework for our development projects.

Flask Framework and 73Lines

Python has always been the core technology. The presence of python based framework increases our liking much more. Currently, we work on two python framework, Django and Flask. Django has its own advantage, but Flask beats it in customization and functionality choice.
Our clients who have stringent requirement choose Flask as it is lightweight and makes it possible to develop rapidly.

Flask Services at 73Lines
We offer many Flask related services. Our main motive is to create a highly scalable, secure and robust application that suppress the expectation of the client and the user. To do so, we provide the following Flask related services:
  •  Create website with Flask framework.
  •  Flask Mobile apps
  •  Create UI that works
  •  Offer UX design for better user experience

Overall, we love Flask framework and how it use the micro-framework principle to create a much-needed infrastructure where both developers and client can benefit.