Engagement Model

Engagement Model

Hire Dedicated Developers

Wondering on why you should hire dedicated developers? Then, you have come at the right place. 73Lines is the hub of professional developers ranging from web development to mobile development. Our services range from human resource to client management system, ERP and much more. We understand how technology evolves and we are ready to go forward with the adoption of new technologies and also becoming the master of the current popular technologies.

At 73Lines, we create highly scalable, secure and robust end-products. We also aim for providing our services at a minimal price and it doesn't matter if you are a company or an individual, we go it all covered. Our in-house development team is a hub of excellent highly-skilled professional that have years of experience backing them.

Engagement Models

It doesn't matter what your requirements are and which part of the world you come from, we got it all covered. We have already served many clients around the world and come up with the innovative solution to their problems. Our high client retention rate is what makes us unique and instill the trust of new clients on us.

To reach new goals, outsourcing has become the norm in the industry and that's where 73Lines comes into play/  We have the talent, the infrastructure, and the resources to create and solve market problems. Our efficient way of handling projects also makes us a viable solution provider in the competitive market.

With correct pricing for developers, you can enjoy the development process to the max. We are also more inclined on creating business for other and provide excellent support and documentation. It doesn't matter if you are creating a web application or trying to dominate the mobile market or even trying to optimize your ERP solution, we got it all covered.

Our engagement models are more focused on delivering the best pricing for the hiring prospects. We are more focused on creating value and always aim for a result-oriented output. With the correct leverage of the resources and talent, we have the best hiring structure for corporations, organizations, and individuals.

Fixed Price Working Model

Fixed Price Working Models are great for small to medium scale projects. They are best suited for entrepreneurs, small organizations and startups which have clear specifications about their project. The project starts after having a final agreement with the client about different aspects of the project -- budget, scope, and deadlines.

Fixed Budget

Fixed Deadlines

Great for Entrepreneurs and small scale business

Clearly defined scope.

Time and Material

Not all projects are the same and there are project specifications that evolve with time. Complex projects have different engagement model. In this model, the client can easily hire talented developers and designers on an hourly basis and pay for that amount. This model is best suited for most of the project and gives the client the ability to tweak with the project without the fear of overspending.

Flexible project paths

Pay per hour

Best suited for maintenance project

Complex projects can also choose this model.

Hire Dedicated Development Team

The last model is hiring a dedicated development team for your venture. This is desirable for many projects and especially for those where time is sensitive. The team on hire will be more focused on using all the resources and technology and become an extended part of your office. The process is simple, they will make progress and report back to your on a regular interval. You can also monitor their progress accordingly.

  • Work with an extensive toolset and infrastructure
  • Dedicated developers for every technology.
  • Great for projects with no defined scope
  • The team report directly to you so that you can monitor their progress and guide accordingly.