Django is the framework for the perfectionist and we at 73Lines we are the perfectionist when it comes to Django. Django is a popular python framework that offers high-level functions and libraries for creating web applications according to requirements. Django is web developer's favorite framework because of the fact that it is open source and there are tons of resources to work with.

Django first came into existence 10 years ago and has slowly evolved to be one of the best web frameworks. It is minimalistic and offers the tools and techniques to create a secure, robust and scalable web application. It is also developed using Python, which offers greater readability and better maintenance. It is licensed under BSD, which means that it is open source with minimal limitation.

The original authors of the Django framework were from the Lawrence Journal-World. At the time of writing, the most stable version of Django in production is 1.8.4 and it gets constantly updated with new features and bug fixes, keeping it fresh for developers at 73Lines.

Why Django is so popular?
  1. Popularity is associated with python. Python, in itself, is a high-level language and offers great readability and object-oriented programming.
  2. follows the most famous DRY principle. This means writing minimal code and don't repeat code. Reusing the code is the primary workflow in the Django website development.
  3. Django offers CRUD operation, which means create, read, update and delete. With these four operations, creating data-driven web application is possible.
  4. Django also takes care of low-level functionalities such as cache handling and offers much better productivity for the developers.
  5. Django framework is a framework for developers with deadlines. This goes well with the core philosophy of 73Lines as we believe in rapid application development or agile development methodology.
  6. Many popular website such as Mozilla, Pinterest, BitBucket,Disqus and other uses Django framework for their websites.

Open Source tag also sends a positive message to the community. A lot of developers contribute to the core and helps it improve over time. Also, it follows the popular MVC which further makes creating websites easy and structured.

All the major databases are supported including MySql, postgreSQL and more. The platform also offers tons of extensions for better development experience and end result. Django also supports cloud platform, improving the scalability of the platform

Django Services at 73Lines
We offer lots of Django services at 73Lines. Some of them are listed below.
  1.  Create website with Django framework.
  2.  Create web application with Django.
  3.  Create app UI with Django.
  4.  Create real-time data-driven web application.

And much more. If you have a custom requirement, do not forget to contact us through the Contact Us Form .