Custom Web Development

At 73Lines, we provide you the best Custom Web Development services in the market, providing you the doorway to success, profitability, and productivity. All of these elements are embedded deeply within the traffic, customer relations, brand awareness and other aspects of the business. We deeply believe in creating an environment where customer requirements are understood and transformed into real world business process.

Custom Web Development with 73Lines

Creating custom web tools and websites is not easy. It requires complete understanding of the web architecture and its associated technology. Our web-based developers understand the intricacies of web development and how it works with the database, automation, workflow and internet apps. We provide highly scalable data-driven web application made up from scratch which support automation and other industrial benchmarks.

Our technical team also bring the best in terms of innovation capabilities. We are a bunch of enthusiastic web developers, highly skilled in many web programming languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and more. Our custom development is not only associated with the back-end but also works with the front-end. 

What do you get? Let's List Them.

Our custom web development services are versatile. Check them out.

  1. We specialize in open source development and incorporate any new changes in our workflow, improving your business. All the development is done according to requirement and synced to modern technological methods and tools.
  2. Planning is the core of success at 73Lines. We make sure that everything is layed out completely so that you can focus on the brand name, traffic, and products/services offered.
  3. End-to-End custom development, we develop, test, maintain and host your web application/software and provide you the best platform for scaling purposes.
  4. Provide excellent design to the application and convert with confidence.
  5. Support for tools and application for E-Commerce, Odoo ERP and CRM development and other popular frameworks.
  6. 73Lines provide custom web development to meet innovate ideas and provide feature and functionality showcasing robustness, scalability, high performance and more.

Our Success Mantra

Our core philosophy lies within understanding the code frameworks, architecture and the business surrounding it. To develop a great custom solution, understanding business is also important. Our development methodology also provides the necessary backup to the custom development and our developers are equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to develop for any business.

To keep up to the task, our development team also offers:

  1. Using highly scalable and customizable frameworks(MVC enabled ) such as Zend Framework, CakePHP, and others. We are also accustomed to front-end frameworks such as twitter bootstrap, HTML5 boilerplate, and others.
  2. We believe in agile development and handle projects through Sprint and Scrum methodology.

Why Choose 73Lines for Custom Web Application Development?

Current development scenario are boosted by Power Tools and our developers understand how the tools can help in faster and more secure development. The tools reflect our philosophy for a better web. We integrate smart features and functions without any issues. The APIs, hence created are robust, secure and scalable.

Technology is complex and we understand how technology affects business. Our expertise is reflected in how we approach the problem and also provide solutions that are highly efficient, scalable and robust in terms of both stability and security. We understand the industry standards and use our innovation to reach beyond what our current industry is capable of.

With us, you will get tons of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Rapid Application Development such that you get a minimum viable product for testing purposes.
  2. User Interface that works. We believe in providing an extremely careful user interface with both UI and UX elements.
  3. Multi-platform support and highly portable.