About Us

About Us

73Lines is where the world of development, consultation and innovation starts. 73Lines is the latest addition in the next-generation business service provider that takes care of your business more than you do. You created ideas and we create a business out for it. The Current market is full of competition and it is hard for new businesses to enter the market.

It doesn't matter if you are new or an old player, we got it all covered. We offer a high-performance solution and provide customers the best possible solution for their business.

We made our first step in 2015 and have collected all our talented developers and designers into creating a team that speaks for self. Our main focus is to deliver highly scalable, secure and robust solution and our past experience and knowledge helps us achieve the same.

We have already started expanding our reach to every corner of the world. With more than 20+ customers ready to work with us, speaks volume about our initial step into the market. With time, we can only expand more and higher customer retention. Our expansion is not related to local market, but also global market. We are also serving any size of business -- it doesn't matter if it is a startup, small scale or a large scale business, we got it all covered.

73Lines is an IT business services and solutions company that offer state of the art solution for the clients. Many stakeholders have already shown key interest in the way we approach the market. The idea is to keep up with the market internal dynamics and innovate whenever necessary. We excel in major technologies and our infrastructure enable us to keep up with the pace of the current industry. Our solutions are not only secure, they scale well and are cloud-ready out of the box.
We also provide our solutions at low-cost and always deliver within the strict deadline

Our Areas of Expertise

Our work culture is what makes us unique and creative. Our main philosophy stands on strong six pillars that constitute every section of our organization.

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Create a valuable solution that excels both technically and inventively.

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Our ethical values make us unique and we convey our work through our integrity and commitment.

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We respect each other idea, harnessing each other strengths and becoming a team that everyone values.

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Our internal working is more inclined towards learning as it pays off in future. We work towards a better future.

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We deliver work with commitment. Our delivery model makes sure that we stay in range and always over-deliver.

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We deliver not only solutions but promises and workarounds that work for longer period of time. Your positive experience is our first goal.