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About 73Lines

It is not only hard for a new business to grow and flourish in the current business setup, it is impossible if the new business does not bring value and quality to the market. This is where 73Lines comes in. 73Lines is the next gen, first of its kind business solution provider which aims at building nothing but quality solutions and designs that iterate the imagination, ideas and creativity of its clients. 73Lines nurtures, builds and puts life into your ideas and makes you ready to take on the competition.

Irrespective of the field of operation, age of the business and size of the organization, we take care of all your business needs. Thanks to the world class infrastructure and high-quality talent pool, we are able to deliver solutions to the most critical business needs.

73Lines came into existence in the year 2015 and since then, we have been working on creating scalable, creative, secure, flexible and robust solutions that have won several accolades from clients across the globe. 73Lines is made up of talented developers and designers that have years of experience and expertise in what they do.

We already have more than 20 repeat customers who rely on us without having second thoughts. We are expanding steadily and covering more areas and regions as we proceed to approach new clients, globally. We have been serving organizations of various strengths; and our talent pool has the ability to handle problem of any size.

We are an IT Solution Provider which offers state of the art solutions. Our stakeholders love the way we work, and our clients love the quality we deliver. We ensure that we are always up to date with the things going around us, and all our solutions are as per industry standards. We innovate where required, and make sure that our build is as per the latest technical and functional advancements. We are a secure, solid and low-cost solution provider with a fast turnaround time.


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Business Philosophy

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Create and deliver nothing but a technically and functionally accurate and up to date solution.


We stress on maintaining honesty, clarity, truthfulness and righteousness in our communication, commitment and delivery.


We listen to each other, respect each other’s ideas and implement the best option after careful inspection.


We put learning first. We learn from our experiences, your problems and scenarios as we work.


We have a strict delivery framework in place ensuring that everything is built and deployed on time.


Our expertise is evident in our code. We offer multiple solutions and workaround to a problem.