What’s New in Odoo 14, Latest Features and Updates


Every year Odoo releases an update and this year Odoo launched Odoo 14 with new features and functionalities. 

Here are some of the key new features and changes coming with the new Odoo version 14

As Odoo develops and the usefulness is upgraded, one of the objectives is to guarantee that it stays simple to utilize and explore. Odoo 14 brings noteworthy UI and UX changes to guarantee that convenience isn't invaded by usefulness as has happened with a portion of their rivals.

Here is a speedy list of a portion of the more critical changes coming in Odoo 14: 

  • New gadgets permitting fast admittance to generally utilized alternatives 

  • Easy routes for email, SMS, and rest in the CRM module 

  • Revamped day by day task see in the CRM module 

  • New yearly schedule see for Time off Module 

  • New console easy routes for Timesheet module 

  • Upgraded spreadsheet usefulness all through Odoo - this will frame the reason for full money related planning in V14 (finally - can hardly wait to see this one) 

  • Improved customization choices for structures 

  • Coordination of endorsement work processes in any activity utilizing the studio or automatically 

  • Auto messaging of good receipt suggestion to helpless performing providers

Improved Documents

With Odoo 14 numerous reports have been overhauled and improved. With Purchase Orders being one of the most upgraded reports, we figured it would be a decent one to zero in on, so here are the changes: 

Odoo presently registers on-time conveyance rates for merchants and showcases this on POs 

POs presently incorporates a possibility for sending computerized messages before conveyance to affirm their date (this is especially helpful for merchants with a low on-time rate) 

An affirmation email can be consequently shipped off merchants on the making of procurement orders, permitting Odoo to affirm that they got the PO 

Odoo additionally executed another dashboard for sellers, giving a speedy outline of significant subtleties, for example, on-time conveyance rates

Reworked Inventory and Manufacturing Modules

Odoo 14 accompanies improved Inventory and Manufacturing modules zeroing in on accessibility date for items and supplies. 

Moreover, there is another replenishment report which shows, initially, your stock levels and considers one-time or repeating requesting of provisions. 

This happens without the need to set the least or greatest stock levels. Odoo will consequently figure out what should be requested to meet your necessities. 

New stock figure report: 

Renewal report with activities: 

Prepared admittance to stock accessibility:

New Data Cleaning Module 

Included in Odoo 14 is a new Data Cleaning module. This module naturally figures out new leads, openings, contacts, and other information. Any copied information is hailed to you, prepared for blending. 

Modified Website Builder 

Each variant update carries improved usefulness to Odoo's web designer making it an expanding competitor with industry heavyweights WordPress and Square Space. 

Odoo 14 brings to the table a pristine, overhauled web designer. The HTML proofreader was updated and there are some better than ever fabricating blocks, permitting you to assemble delightful and utilitarian sites easily. 

A portion of these new site blocks include: 

  • Dynamic Product Catalogs 

  • Graphs 

  • Commencements 

  • Popups 

Outlook and Gmail Plugins 

New modules for Outlook and Gmail have been reported. These modules will permit you to synchronize and send data to and fro among Odoo and your email customer improving the cycle and guaranteeing that all information is recorded in Odoo and that you have it when sending and understanding messages. 

  • Notwithstanding the above highlights, Odoo 14 will likewise bring the accompanying: 

  • Pricelist age straightforwardly from item List 

  • New unrealized cash gains/misfortunes report 

  • New modules, separate from deals, to oversee commissions and references 

  • Improved Documents Module, permitting simpler checking, parting, and chronicling of records 

  • Improved joining between modules bringing about more noteworthy effectiveness 

  • Definite Smart admonitions 

  • Hidden Framework Changes to improve generally speaking execution and convenience