How To Convince Boss For ERP Software Implementation


Bringing change can be one of the toughest jobs in any organization. It can be from both the workers’ side, but the change can be restricted from the boss’s side as well.

For workers, it can be a tough time to work on old age systems. Old systems mean that most of the work is not automated and there are chances that the employees have to work manually to enter data or information to the old system.

As an employer, you may really want to make your life easier and also make the business flourish in the right direction.

So, it is always a good idea to go forward with the idea of ERP software to the boss and convince him about the benefits of the ERP.

Should you just rush and tell him about ERP?

The answer is NO. It is always a good idea to research the benefits of using ERP in your niche. With good research, you can know how to approach your boss and let him/her know the benefits of the ERP system in use.

If you don't do the needful, there can easily be a scenario where the business might start feeling the wrath of slow performance or even reach a point where it is no more operable.

So, how do you do it?

There are many ways you can convince your boss to install the ERP software. Let's discuss them one by one.

Case studies to the rescue

Case studies that showcase the ROI return of similar companies can boost your chances of convincing the boss. Also, try to show how the right ERP implementation can save hundreds of dollars for the company. 

Automation will surely improve the working process and make things better and error-free. Also, there will be no need for manual work and you can easily use free time to improve the business.

Good examples should include the before and after scenarios. Also, providing exact details of what changes are achieved can easily improve the chances of implementing the ERP.

Examples such as a real estate company managed to deliver better customer satisfaction with ERP solution.

Write a request for proposal for ERP software

Proposal works. And, trust me, if you write a good one, there are a lot of chances that ERP will be implemented in your organization. Writing a request for proposal for ERP software is what you need. 

Also, the proposal should include background information, statement of purpose, the scope of work, etc.

Get information from the IT team

The IT team might hold the key to the right implementation of the ERP. Talking with them can give you more insight into the current status of the software solution that is being used.

You might also want to know how much the current software solution will last. If it not at its top performance, it is a good idea to make things rolling. Also, it is always a good idea to talk about a cost-effective solution with the team. They can provide you a greater insight into the current needs and help you choose the right ERP solution for the business. 

The new system should also be scalable and the change should take the future in consideration. Also, it is always a good idea to check whether the new ERP solution is cloud-based or not. If not, you should try to figure out the scalability of the system and the hardware requirement for the same. A great example of cloud-based ERP solution is Odoo. Your company can go forward and do an Odoo implementation. The system can also match your ERP development requirement.

Data to the rescue

Data can convince anyone and if you use data to put forward your points, everyone will be more receptive of what you have to offer. You can try to fetch data from case studies that are easily available on the Internet. 

You can find the case studies by googling or going to respective ERP vendors and checking their archive or blog for more information.

Before you jump on and choose an ERP solution, it is always a good idea to identify the requirement of the firm and work towards a requirement based implementation.

We hope that you liked the article. If you still have questions, don't forget to ask any question using the comment section below.